and I'm going to bring...

my Apple iPhone 4 (in white) and...

buy at goincase (also source of images)
my Warhol Collection Snap Case

I love the combination of art, music, technology & design on this one, something that Andy Warhol had envisioned as part of the future for contemporary culture. The design of both pieces is smooth. For the unknowing, Andy Warhol managed The Velvet Underground for a period in which he introduced them to Nico & suggested they collaborate - resulting in the album 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' released 1967. For the album cover Warhol designed the plastic yellow banana revolutionary for it's irrelevant nature to the band, music etc. along which lines album covers tend to have followed. It was actually a "peel slowly and see" pop art, if you tore along a perforated line to 'remove' the skin underneath was revealed a peeled pink banana.
Japanese re-release (buy at acousticsounds)

(I've decided this section is purely about object lust and no game should be involved!)


nudie of the week: if i let you see mine...

then it's only fair that I should get to see yours. So this is one filled with broad shoulders, ripped abs, buff & meaty biceps, oh and darn sexy chiselled looks. You know, just 'cos of the masculine theme running this week :)

Warning: some of these images contain a bit more exposure. Hmm can you feel the heat...
'A Streetcar Named Desire'/1951/Elia Kazan (Marlon Brando) (madslut)
Above two images: Jamie Dornan (tfs)

Above editorial images: 'Summer Swimsuit Issue' V Magazine #59 May 09/Mario Testino/Garret Neff, David Gandy, Charles Devoe, Josh Pence (fashionising)
Pirelli Calendar 11/Karl Lagerfield/Baptiste Giabiconi (albertocane)


carrie coops beau

Beau Coops at Selfridges display

One of the best things about Beau Coops, the shoe label, is that it's designer Carrie Cooper is an Australian who comes up with entirely original styles. She creates the trends rather than follows them yet manages to maintain a classic appeal to many of her designs. Unique to a lot of Australian shoe labels is the fact that 90% of her products are made in Italy with really the finest materials - trust me on this, that leather is buttery soft - yet not to the detriment of price. Her shoes tend to sit in the medium to high price range, perhaps $300-$500, yet considering the quality & design are quite well priced. And believe me on this as well, really comfy.
Carrie Cooper only launched her debut shoe line, Beau Coops, in 2009 but prior to that she had 8 years experience designing for Alexander McQueen for Puma, Eley Kishimoto and also Bernhard Willhelm. The brand name carries her namesake with 'Coops', whereas the 'Beau' refers to a stylish gentleman or dandy* and she prefers to use the term 'boyfriend chic' to describe the aesthetic of her label. Her current collection 'Statement of Intent' AW11 consists of chunky wedges and platform pumps, androgynous flat boots with a focus on the ankle cut with little twists of material, lacing and other detail, all inspired by her love of equestrian culture: riding, polo, the horses. So gorgeous to look at and wear.

I love pony hair!

The 'Scuba' wedge

Beau Coops for Karen Walker

For interviews with Carrie Cooper see:
(both sources of all images)

Official Page:

Facebook Page:

*Dandy: The model British dandy was George Bryan 'Beau' Brummell (1778-1840) who basically became a celebrity for doing absolutely nothing and from being absolutely no one (one of the first), he wasn't of aristocratic blood, except he was always exceptionally & immaculately well-dressed even when unkempt in body. He was highly regarded in circles around the Prince for his style and set innovative fashion trends which we still see today: sober tones rather than the aristocratic favour for colours; focus on clean lines, cut & quality of fabric rather than the prevalent frill and fancy trim; popularised long trouser pants rather than cropped breeches; and placed an emphasis on the tying of neckwear. When he eventually did come into a sum of money upon his father's death he squandered it and died a pauper in a lunatic asylum. Ah but the life of a dandy!


black-lined & bow-tied

Editorial images: 'The China Syndrome' Vogue Japan Apr 11/Francois Nars/Lena Koro (makeup)/Ginta Lapina (fashiongonerogue)
Now I don't know much about photography, and this could be a big call to make, but in my opinion Francois Nars is one of the best beauty portrait photographer around, his images have a clarity and fresh glow to them, never out-dated including his various books and campaign images. The above editorial has an obvious oriental influence, but I think each look would be perfectly suited to masculine styled attire. The rich boldness of just certain facial features contrasted with the remaining stark nudity is what keeps this look strong and classic. And don't forget the nails! Keep them short but stacked with bright reds or deep wintery hues. I can't pick favourites, love each and every look above.

Alternatively the below images show what a smokey eye & filled out eyebrow can do for a collared shirt (& bow tie!), another beauty look to try for when 'i wish i was a boy'.

GQ Style UK/Chad Pitman/Martha Hunt & Daria P. (etoday)


the fair sex is your department

'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'/Granada Television
And so I give you a proper introduction to the late actor Jeremy Brett, best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in a television film series spanning a decade and as Freddie in 'My Fair Lady'. 

An intensely private bi-sexual, he was married twice and also had a long-time partner in fellow actor Gary Bond. After the death of his second wife he struggled with manic depression & the side-effects of the prescribed medication. The intensity & depth of his role as Holmes also had a deteriorating effect. Combined with heart troubles this eventually meant frequent oxygen mask breaks during shooting  were required. He's quoted as commenting "but, darlings, the show must go on". Unfortunately at the age of 61 his heart gave out. Coincidentally his companion Gary Bond passed away exactly one month later.
Film stills: 'My Fair Lady'/1964/George Cukor (Audrey Hepburn)
'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'/Granada Television

Here are some interesting titbits about his life:

1. Son of a lord, an heir of the Cadbury chocolate family
2. Dyslexic, he struggled academically at Eton, pursued drama & was told by his father to change his name to preserve the family honour
3. Born with a speech impediment preventing him from pronouncing the 'R' sound correctly he underwent surgery & a lifetime of vocal exercises resulting in his enviable perfect diction
4. Was so concerned by the negativity between the depicted cocaine use and his Sherlock Holmes character's popularity with children that he approached & convinced Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's daughter for permission to convey his overcoming the addiction (against her father's storyline), through the burial of his syringe.

Quickie: Born '33, died '95 / London, England / 185cm / eyes: hazel / smoked up to 3 packs a day / auditioned on two occasions for the role of James Bond, and nearly was!


i'm going to a... HIGH TEA ENGAGEMENT

and I'm going to bring...

Prada canvas landscape print tote bag (bergdorfgoodman)

my Prada tote
rose perfume
my fave lippie

I saw this beautiful bag once in the window at Prada as I was racing past, fell in love, but figured it was waay out of my price range. Cos I thought it was leather. If only I'd known then that it was canvas! Or p'raps best I didn't. Can you guess the rule in the game?


i wish i was a boy

but if I could dress like this all winter I'd be a happy girl:

Keira Knightley
'Annie Hall'/1977/Woody Allen (Diane Keaton)

Editorial images: 'Low Tide' Elle US May 11/Thomas Whiteside/Kate Lanphear (stylist)/Leah de Wavrin (fashiongonerogue)

Masculine styling is one of my favourite ways to wear winter. I love the look of effortless & comfortable layering with a mix of rich textures and print. It's the perfect way to experiment with all the best fabrics and different materials specifically suited to winter seasons such as wool, cashmere, suede, velvet and fur. Keeping a keen eye on coat lengths & garment proportions is essential to keep the silhouette lean rather than bulky, as is choosing complementary accessories for a more feminine appearance whilst maintaining that strong edge. And shoes! The joy of comfortable, flat leather brogues, loafers and boots.

The 1977 film 'Annie Hall' written, directed by & starring Woody Allen with Diane Keaton in the title role is the go-to style guide for this layered, mannish look. The outfits in the movie are in fact Keaton's own and created waves from the get-go. Today the style can easily be adapted for work, play and casual wear. Kate Lanphear's styling for the above editorial ticks every box for me and the location and photography only enhance the laid-back, suave mood.